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An elegant overview of the whole company.

UI UX - Responisve Redesign
Created by Nick Powell August 2017

About this project

This project was created in the summer of 2017 while I was interning at Kodak. I was tasked with redesigning the landing page for and was given full responsibility and freedom to solve this problem. The former homepage wasn't effective in communicating all of the great work that the company still does, and wasn't showing off enough to the customers. The problem that I attempted to solve was: How do we make Kodak look updated and show off all the fresh content that we have in a creative way?

The Problem

My Solution

Full-Width Tabular Carousel

To better represent company achievements and big news, I wanted to use some sort of information carousel to bring more content to the top of the page. I experimented with a lot of different landing page styles, but this full screen tabular system was most liked by our design team.

Below-The-Fold Banners

When the user scrolls down, they are greeted with a welcome message about the company, as well as more content to explore. There are 6 spots that can be filled with some content that the company would like to push, surrounded by nice white space and ways to connect more with the company.

Helpful links

If a user reaches this part of the page, they are shown popular links that they can further explore, as well as a link to the Kodak shop to encourage them to look at the great products Kodak offers.

My Reasoning

My design choices and reasoning behind the layout were very deliberate.

The tab carousel is interactive and engaging, even without user interaction (the tabs cycle through automatically, unless a user clicks on a specific tab). It is also a great way to implement Kodak's old branding colors, which we have been bringing into more of our designs.

The banners provide space for more specific content to be shown off, and the banners represent inviting doorways to new parts of the site. Also again, we were able to continue to bring the beautiful old branding colors into these banners.

The white space areas provide room to highlight important messages, such as a brief welcome and introduction paragraph, as well as a spot to highlight Kodak's social media presence.

And the link directory near the bottom helps a user discover things they may not have even been looking for.

Before & After

old site new site

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