Real Peanuts Animation

An animation that will make your taste buds jealous of your eyes ;)

3D Design - Animation
Created by Nick Powell Dec 2016

This is not a real peanut

He is just an actor


What was it?

This project was an end of the semester project for my first ever Cinema 4d course. I really learned the power and potential there is in using programs like this, and enjoyed it so much that I continued a daily c4d photo series on my instagram for over 50 days!

The goal

The final project guidelines were simple: Pick an object and animate it in Cinema 4d. And for some reason I picked a reese's cup... I think I was hungry. From there, I went through a process of researching pre-existing commercials, creating moodboards, making test scenes, and designing the final materials and animation.

Thanks for viewing!

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