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Hello to all recruiters, potential bosses and co-workers ... or more likely, mom and dad. Thank you for taking the time to check out my portfolio! I worked hard to put this site together with my limited set of coding skills, but hopefully you enjoy this experience of getting to know who I am!

My name is Nick Powell and I am a 23 year old New Media Designer. Right now I am really interested in emerging technologies, and how I will be able to use my skills to influence them. Things like AR, VR, and even topics like self-driving vehicles really get my creative juices firing and thinking of new ways to engage users through that technology. In my free time, I like to teach myself guitar and spend time with friends. I like to live my life in a go-with-the-flow type of manner, so every new day is a surprise in my life.

"Know the way broadly,
and see it in all things."

-Miyamoto Musashi

I really love this quote. I discovered it recently but I believe I have been following it's idea for many years now. I've always been fascinated with figuring out how and why things work, and how they can be improved at times. In doing so, I can expand my own solutions to problems and apply this type of thinking to other situations. Everytime in the past when I have been put in unfamiliar situations, I find myself using my instincts. Whether it be something as simple as playing tug of war against a larger opponent, or more specific like designing for a specific demographic, figuring out how and why things or people work is the only way you will be able to successfully find a solution.

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