Smart Windshield

A futuristic concept for blocking that pesky sun on the road.

Motion Tracking - AR Concept
Oct 2017


The Sun is too bright.

(Highlight text)


Tell it to go away
We should kill it
Try and tell it to be less bright

Let’s try to cover it up

User Scenario:

You’re driving on the highway and go around a slight bend.

Guess who’s on the other side??

It's the Sun!

Previous Solutions:

You’re forced to do one of two things:

1. Find your sunglasses and wear them for < 15 seconds.
2. Be awkward and try to avoid eye contact.


What if there was a way to detect and dim the brightest spot on the windshield?

The Tech

sunblocker icon

Smart Windshield

Light Responsive Auto Tint

Augmenting Reality

Goal: make the Sun less bright for a driver.

Unfortunately, adding more light to a light source only makes the light brighter. So projection based AR will not work for this. Instead, I explored how a transition lens smart windshield material could help solve this daily struggle.

Further Thinking

As I started gathering footage, I realized a lot of it would end up being useless. By trying to film the sensation of driving into the sun, I realized I wouldn't be able to recover the pixels where the sun is.

What I Learned:
Do not stare at sun, do not film sun.

A Fake Sun

Knowing what I just learned, I got new footage and began compositing the fake sun. I had to motion track an object in the background to get the sun to look realistic.

Then I iterated through some solutions to try and find the least intrusive, and most effective solution.

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